After the release of the game Pokémon Go, many kids are addicted to playing this one. They believe that this is fine and entertaining for them, specially that they have nothing to do during their free time. Of course, this is not limited to those kids or teenagers, only as adults can also be part of this game. You just have to use a smart phone or a phone that can have GPS. It needs your location and the maps so that you can search and find new Pokémon around your location or areas. 

This is actually entertaining if you are going to look at the brighter point inside of installing Pokémon Go on your phone. It will give you the chance to wander and go to places around your neighborhood. Of course, you have to be very careful in detecting your Pokémon, as you may disturb others or your neighbors. You should also know your limitations when it comes to playing this kind of game, as this is not always giving you a good point of view in your current life as of now. It is still nice that you will ask the permission of your parents when installing this kind of games. 

Of course, there are some people who prefer playing computer games over playing smartphone games. They believe that the experience is totally different, especially that you have to look at your small screen for those phone games. It is a different experience for those people who are playing personal computer games, as they can actually see the characters bigger and it’s easier for them to navigate and multitask things at the same time. For the phone games, you can actually use to have the advantage where you can go somewhere anytime of the day. This is something that a PC game could not give you. 

If you’re going to look at the benefits of Pokémon, Go, then one of them is about moving yourself from one location to another. It promotes exercising in which it helps you to be motivated to go from one location to another. It is a good form of exercise, especially for those students and kids that are a bit lazy whenever they plan to go out of their home. It is nice as well that they keep motivated playing computer games, while exercising or walking at the same time. It is actually difficult to convince kids now to keep moving. 

Another good benefit of playing Pokémon Go is it keeps your mood stable. Others always have a bad mood when it comes to making a decision. This is pretty common for those people who have the post-traumatic stress disorder. It means that they have to cope-up with the things and the current situation in order for them to release the stress. They can buy things from the gameshop as well.  

Others would argue that playing computer games, or even a simple phone game can actually help your brain to sharpen even more. It is based on the research that has been conducted by many scientists and professional people.