If you have a drywall home repair project, homeowners are often confused about whether to hire a handyman or a specialized drywall contractor. If you would like the job to be completed as cheaper and efficiently as possible, here are some key points you should remember before you decide: 


They keep projects on time 

During a home renovation, drywall could occur in the middle of everything else. When your drywall becomes damaged, it could delay your entire project timeline and it leads to a much more expensive task for the flooring installation, painters, and electricians. Hiring a professional drywall contractor indicates that they are skilled when it comes to repairing such damages and how to complete it. This also implies that they will be following the entire building codes that are related to the project, utilize the appropriate tools, and complete it right the first time.  

Can perform more task other than drywall 

Drywall contractors can usually do more than just repairing or installing drywall. For instance, if you are going through a home renovation, a reliable company—such as Reno Drywall Repair— can also handle other services like popcorn ceiling removal, insulation, and soundproofing. Moreover, they are knowledgeable about auxiliary drywall repair cost in Reno and they can also assist you to use the most out of your money to achieve the outcome of any drywall renovation that you desire.  

Best value and quality 

Drywall companies could choose installers that have the proper skill of every project. Meaning, you can have the best finish that you can for a standard rate.  


Drywall contractors can be extremely great at some special skills they have. If you are searching for a particular contractor who can finish an extensive project range apart from drywall finishing and installation, it would be recommended for you to hire a handyman. However, hiring a professional drywall contractor is the best thing to do if you are seeking to pay a reasonable rate for great auxiliary services and drywall work.  

Higher rates per hour 

A drywall contractor’s hourly rate might be higher compared to those handymen. This is due to their specialized skills that need plenty of working hours just to perfect it. Hence, it is expected that they have a higher rate per hour. But, it does not imply that you will be paying a drywall contractor more compared to a handyman even if they have finished a similar job. All those hours of finishing and setting up the drywall make these skills to be very efficient compared to what the generalized contractors have.  

If ever you have wanted any assistance in terms of Reno drywall repair, installation, or other drywall projects, it is best if you seek professional help from the experts. At times, anything could lead to an even more serious problem once it is not properly installed or fixed. Our professional drywall contractors will be pleased to help you with any projects. You can also contact us for a free consultation and check out our other services by checking out our website.